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Preventive Care Starts with an Annual Pet Exam in Timmins

Our team at Hampton Veterinary Hospital value the importance of providing optimal preventive health care for your beloved pets, which is why we encourage pet owners to bring their dog, cat or other companion animal for their physical pet exam in Timmins on a yearly basis.

During your pet’s routine exam, our veterinarian will discuss your pet’s diet, activity level, elimination patterns, dental health, weight management, skin and coat care, and may also recommend necessary screening tests. At the conclusion of the exam, we will have enough information about your pet’s overall health to make specific recommendations for treatment if necessary, and ensure your pet is up-to-date on their vaccinations. Here are some reasons why it is important to bring your pet in for a wellness examination:

We firmly believe that if we catch any type of illness or disease at an early stage, we can control it with medications or nutrition changes.

If there is a present condition, we can detect or diagnose it sooner rather than later.

Scheduled vaccinations will help to prevent diseases, and can ultimately save you money, as treatments for disease can be very costly.

Having your pet in a wellness and vaccination program can help your pet live longer.

Wellness and Vaccination Services

Is it time to book a physical appointment for your dog, cat or other small pet? When you choose the caring and experienced team at Hampton Veterinary Hospital as your pet’s healthcare team, you and your pet will benefit from the following wellness services:

Annual check-ups


Nutritional counselling

Dental exams

Behavioural counselling

Lab testing

Preventive services

To book an appointment for your pet’s annual exam, get in touch with us today by calling  705-268-7387705-268-PETS.

Take Your Pet to the Vet!

Complete health care services at our Timmins Vet Hospital.

Dental Services and X-Rays

Pay attention to your pet’s oral needs–reduce the chance of other health issues.

Surgery and Other Services

Your pet deserves to be healthy and happy–trust us to provide the care it needs.

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