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Your Pet Deserves Quality Dental Care in Timmins

At Hampton Veterinary Hospital, we encourage you to provide you pet with proper dental care in Timmins, because keeping their teeth clean is important to their overall health. Unfortunately, oral disease, which is an infection of the gums, teeth and surrounding structures, can affect your dog or cat just as it can affect you. By brushing your pet’s teeth regularly, it will not only help to combat plaque and tartar build-up, it will also assist in the prevention of major health conditions associated with dental disease, such as heart, lung and kidney disease.

Comprehensive Dentistry Services for Your Cat or Dog

Brushing your pet’s teeth is just one way of ensuring they receive proper oral care. Another important way to help care for your pet’s teeth and gums is to schedule an appointment for a regular dental cleaning at Hampton Veterinary Hospital. We provide comprehensive, thorough dental care services, including:

Dental exams

Dental scaling


Dental X-rays

For more information on brushing your pet’s teeth or to book a dental appointment for your dog or cat, call us today at 705-268-7387 / 705-268-PETS.

Wellness and Vaccination

Be proactive with your pet’s medical care–prevention is the best medicine.

Take Your Pet to the Vet!

Complete health care services at our Timmins Vet Hospital.

Surgery and Other Services

Your pet deserves to be healthy and happy–trust us to provide the care it needs.

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