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Vet Diet in Timmins for Proper Nutrition

Does your pet require a specific vet diet in Timmins? At Hampton Veterinary Hospital, we carry a variety of pet foods that are designed to address your dog or cat’s unique nutritional requirements. From top-rated brands such as Royal Canin, Hill’s Science Diet, Purina and more, you can expect quality ingredients and specially formulated nutritional values that will benefit your pet during all stages of life. From growing puppies to overweight kitties, our veterinarian has prescribed diets over the past 35+ years that have proven to be very beneficial for our pet patients, and our clients couldn’t be more thrilled.

Quality Ingredients to Address Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs

Whether your dog or cat has developed an allergy, has digestive issues or has become overweight, your veterinarian may prescribe a diet plan to treat the problem with a specific food product tailored for their needs. We carry wet and dry foods that are often prescribed to treat a variety of nutritional requirements related to the following:

Digestion problems

Urinary tract problems

Weight issues


Vitamin/nutrient deficiency

Skin or coat concerns

Loss of appetite

And more

Quality Pet Products for Your Furry Companion 

The great thing about being a client of Hampton Veterinary Hospital is that you can stock up on your pet’s favourite supplies when you visit us for their vet appointment. Not only will you save time, you’ll find great products such as:



Dental Products

Shampoos and conditioners


Flea and tick medication

To discuss your pet’s dietary needs or to shop the products we carry, book an appointment or visit us today.

Wellness and Vaccination

Be proactive with your pet’s medical care–prevention is the best medicine.

Dental Services and X-Rays

Pay attention to your pet’s oral needs–reduce the chance of other health issues.

Nutrition that’s Just Right

Prescription pet foods from trusted name brands.

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