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What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

At Hampton Veterinary Hospital, we have been serving valued pet patients and pet parents in the same Timmins location for over 35 years. And in some cases our patients are 3rd generation patients. See what some of our clients have to say in their testimonials below.


Are you a pet parent and new to Timmins? Call us at 705-268-7387 / 705-268-PETS to learn more about our services today. New patients are always welcome.

Friendly Staff

“Our vet is very easy to find. They are all easy going and very friendly. We always make sure to get our pets annual vaccinations with them.” –Mr G & Mrs M

Word-of-Mouth Referral


“We heard about Hampton Veterinary Hospital by word of mouth. We always enjoy the good care that we receive when we go.” –Mrs S

Very Knowledgeable

“We always receive excellent care. Dr. Hampton and her staff are very knowledgeable and they sincerely care.” –Mrs M

They Really Care


“Hampton Veterinary Hospital is the same hospital that my parents brought my childhood pets to. Her and her staff are very friendly and they really care about her patients. My parents also trusted her with our pets.” –Mrs K

Friendly, Informative

“Our pets always receive great care. Their staff is very friendly and informative. Dr. Hampton has a lot of experience.” –Mr & Mrs S

Saved My Dog’s Life!


“I trust in Dr. Hampton and her staff. They are all very caring and kept me calm in a very stressful situation. Dr. Hampton and staff saved my dogs life!” –Mr W

A Good Experience


“The staff at Hampton Veterinary Hospital is very friendly. They listen and don’t make me feel guilty when I’m not consistent with visits. Dr. Hampton always calls my dog by her name and asks how she is…makes simple practical suggestions. We’ve had a good past experience with our previous dog.” –Anonymous

Great Treatment


“Dr. Hampton and her staff always treat our baby so good. She explains very well what she needs to do. We appreciate the great treatment that they give us and our pets.” –Anonymous

Gentle and Calm with Animals


“My dog has been followed since birth by Hampton Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Hampton is very gentle, quiet and calm while working with the animals.” –Mrs K

As Dog Breeders, We Are Happy


“She is great, we have had all our animals in her care and she does a great job and loves the animals. She’s a little pricey over the next guy but you pay for a quality vet. We are confident as we are dog breeders and she has seen over 20 of our animals and 4 family pets.” –B Allen

Clean Facility, Reasonable Fees

“The staff is compassionate and caring. The Hospital is clean and smells good. Appointments are on time unless an emergency arises, then they are asked if a better time is available. The fees are reasonable and appropriately charged, not overcharged.” –Anonymous

Excellent Care


“I got my cat through Dr. Hampton and he received excellent care. When we got our dog, we continued with Dr. Hampton. Dr. Hampton not only cares about our pets, but the owners as well. I think Dr. Hampton and her staff are excellent and very caring.” –Mrs M

Easy to Get Appointment

“We love our vet because they are close to home, we get great care and service and getting an appointment with them is very easy.” –Mrs R

Happy Customer

“Hampton Veterinary Hospital is great when it comes to getting our dog groomed. They have a very friendly staff and I am very happy with how they treat my animal.” –Mrs L

Great Location

“We continue to use Hampton Veterinary Hospital because of our previous experience with another pet. Her and her staff always has the willingness to explain pet care, fully. They have a great location; the hours of service are very accommodating and give a great quality of care.” –Mrs L

Great with Our Dog

“We’ve always come here and receive good service. They are great with our dog. No one else can approach her except for them. They have a good vet. Their location is very convenient.” –Mr J

Good Service


“My previous and present services are always good. They make me feel like my pets are special.” –Mrs D

Professional Care

“I have always received great care from Dr Hampton and her staff. One of the reasons I love going there is the cleanliness of the hospital. Other reasons are the helpful staff and lastly but certainly not the least, the professional care given by Dr Hampton! It is a warm, caring and friendly atmosphere and most of all my pets just love it there.” –Anonymous

Helpful and Accommodating


“Hampton Hospital is very clean and staff have always been helpful and accommodating even during an emergency (which we've had a few). Dr Hampton is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain procedures to us. She is helpful with recommending actions and behaviors that will maintain our dog's health. She has been our Vet for over 20 years and all our pets have been loved and well looked after by Dr Hampton and her Staff. We and our pets thank you.” –Anonymous

Good Care

“We get good care. They are very pleasant and informative.” –Mrs K

Compassionate Service

“Hampton Veterinary Hospital helps me to ensure my pet’s health is at its highest. They give great care and have a lot of compassion. The hospital is close to my home which makes visits to the vet more convenient.” –Mr C

Saved My Pets

“Excellent and caring staff. Vets have saved my pets on two occasions and were not just out for money.” –Anonymous

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